OreoHead of Security

    About Oreo

    Relatively new to the world of recruitment, I haven’t quite decided on the best role for me yet.  Most of the time I work on candidate engagement, I am particularly partial to anyone that has a treat, and asks me to do a trick.  I was originally hired to be Chief of Security but this seems to involve energetic activity and I’d rather have nap.

    Get to know Oreo a little better

    What is your role at ENI?
    Security, my favourite task is checking the bins for suspicious edible devices.

    Which of the values at ENI do you resonate mostly with?
    Curiosity, the day would not be complete without sniffing numerous street corners, lamp posts and trees.

    Best piece of advice you have received?
    Automatically sitting and offering my paw to strangers. It’s amazing how many treats you get.

    Interest in Diversity & Inclusion:
    Gender, my world is dominated by women and I love them.

    Interesting fact about you?
    I once met Michael Ball, a lover of Tibetan Terriers on the beach at West Wittering.

    So how did you end up in the role you have now?!
    You’d have to ask my mummy, I am not sure the selection process was totally fair.

    Office: +44 (0)20 7836 3311 | Email: I’m waiting on a keyboard made for paws…