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About Olly

I work across the research, analytics and insight industry working across all industries but with a focus on the media sector.

Clients include media research agencies, media agencies and media owners recruiting across research, insight, data & analytics.

Get to know Olly a little better

What is your role at ENI?
My role at ENI is working across our wide and varied sectors across market research, data analysis and insight. Not only sourcing the best candidates, but also working consultatively with our clients to provide market insights and advice.

Which of the values at ENI do you resonate mostly with?
Our values are at the core of what we do as a company. So, all five really resonate with me! I would say that Curious, Knowledgeable and Collaborative relate mostly to me. I strive to be as knowledgeable as possible within our area, which in turn feeds directly to the insights we can provide our clients! Collaborative comes in through the way I work and really making it a team effort with everyone at ENI.

Best piece of advice you have received?
Not so much advice, but something I’ve learned from my time at ENI – going above and beyond expectations with both clients and candidates. Be it in terms of providing insights, advice to both parties and working closely with candidates to find their dream job!

Interest in Diversity & Inclusion:
Diversity and Inclusion is an important part of the work we do, and something our clients focus on heavily. Finding the person with not only the right skills for the job, but also reflecting the diverse nature of our society is a key facet in today’s market and something we always strive to achieve.

Interesting fact about you?
I come from a rural background in Lincolnshire, so the hustle and bustle of London was a big change for me when I moved down here! I’m also a big history buff!

So how did you end up in the role you have now?!
Upon completing my Master’s in History I was really unsure of what I wanted from a career, however a chance meeting with an old friend in London opened my eyes to the world of recruitment! From that, I decided this is what I wanted from my career and working with ENI over the last 2 years have been some of the most rewarding (and busy!) work I’ve ever done and I’m thoroughly enjoying it!

Jobs from Olly

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