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I have a background in recruitment having worked in the space since 2017, I joined ENI to support across Data & Analytics hires, whilst being their dedicated marketing manager due to it not only being something I have done in previous roles, but something I am passionate about – I love creativity and being able to express that in a sector I enjoy is great.

Here I am responsible for creating and implementing end-to-end campaigns across a range of channels and markets, brand management, marketing communications, social media, go-to-market strategies, website and blog content creation, PR, events and managing a variety of projects to plan strategic multi-channel campaigns to meet desired objectives.

Get to know Letitia a little better

What is your role at ENI?
I’ve since moved into a new role at ENI – previously I worked across Data & Analytics hires, which I will still support but I’m now a marketing manager – marketing and digital transformation is at the core of what I do.

Which of the values at ENI do you resonate mostly with?
I think everyone at ENI has elements of all our values – its why we picked them! We felt they represented us as a collective. I would say I relate mostly with Curious, Collaborative and Progressive – I’ve always been curious and working in Insights was something I wanted to do since I filled my first role in the space. Collaborative when it comes to the way I work and progressive with everything I do by supporting improvement and development in the market, as well as internally at ENI.

Best piece of advice you have received?
You can’t be known for what you do without a personal brand! Posting jobs is easy but keeping your network up to date with the latest news, market changes and insight into the profession makes a huge difference. You must stand out from other recruiters. Having a voice in the market will help!

Interest in Diversity & Inclusion:
I have grown up alongside people with mixed ethnic backgrounds and my little sister suffered with Arthrogriposis and Scoliosis, so diversity & Inclusion is something I have always been passionate about. Being able to reflect this in the work I do in recruitment is key and the support at ENI to do so is constantly improving.

Interesting fact about you?
I’m one of 10 children! And 8 of those are girls… poor brothers.

So how did you end up in the role you have now?!
I’ve always been creative – I studied Art & Performing Arts before then picking English lit/lang, law and psychology, and just found I was happier when I could make something with my hands or something more visually appealing. In addition, I think recruitment is so rewarding, especially with a company like ENI – working with true experts in the space who do what they do so well is refreshing. It’s not about number of CV’s sent, or how long your call time is! It’s about making true connections and building relationships that result in long term, successful careers for our candidates, whilst supporting clients through continued growth.

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