Alex NiarchosOperations Director

About Alex

Alex is the operations director for ENI and on a mission to drive further growth and scale to an already successful business with 33 years of experience operating in this fast-changing insight data market.

Having worked in the recruitment industry since 2001 for companies such as Joslin Rowe, Martin Ward Anderson and Randstad UK, Alex has run businesses ranging from 3 people to over 100 consultants across various markets. His last role with Recruitment Entrepreneur has given him unique insight into what it takes to prepare recruitment businesses in achieving realisation events.

Get to know Alex a little better

What is your role at ENI?
As operations director I am responsible for ensuring the success of our business across operations and all functions supporting us to drive a customer centric service. This includes being involved with clients & candidates and ensuring their journey with ENI is one that matches our core values of the business. As importantly, my role is to support an inclusive and progressive environment for all that work at ENI ensuring that we all progress ourselves through career development, training, and strong support

Which of the values at ENI do you resonate mostly with?
All values resonate, but one that stands out is knowledgeable. Knowledge is power and being an expert in the recruitment industry is one core value that can make you stand out from the crowd. Being an expert will give you a competitive edge and is supported by knowing your market and the clients and candidates within it. This is directly linked to the success you can have and the experience you provide to everyone that works with us both internally and externally. Knowledge also provides a consultative approach and is often not taken seriously enough, even though it’s in the job title ‘recruitment consultant’!

Best piece of advice you have received?
I have received lots of advice over the 20 years in recruitment and will continue to seek more, every day. One of the best pieces of advice I was given; do not give yourself the false sense of security that there is nothing more to learn in what you do. Constant improvement is always out there, in the form of advice, guidance and mentorship. This can come from anyone you work with, not just your managers or superiors. Great ideas can come from all and it’s what builds a tremendous business.

Interest in Diversity & Inclusion:
It’s not just a hot topic or flavour of the moment, it’s an incredibly important topic that is thankfully here to stay and a strong focus across our clients and in part, our own industry. We have a huge part to play in this by supporting our clients to build diverse and inclusive workforces. It is well documented that this too builds successful businesses, and I am proud to be part of that process and very glad that ENI has a genuine focus on improving the sector we recruit for and our own business.

Interesting fact about you?
I ran the London marathon with 2 days’ notice. I accepted this offer to run at 2am under the influence of rather too much alcohol. The enormity of the task only dawned on me as i crossed the start line. Glad to say i finished it (in the same day) and it shows you that if you put your mind to something, anything can be accomplished. I would like to thank the dear old lady (must have been in her 80’s) who offered a seat on the London underground on my journey home. I gladly took it!

So how did you end up in the role you have now?!
I have worked across 5 different markets. A rare breed in the industry whereby I have learned how recruitment nuances that are sector focused which can be utilised by new sectors and businesses in ways to improve service. I also recently worked in a private equity business which was focus on investing, scaling, and exiting recruitment businesses and learned what it takes to create true value in a recruitment business. This experience gave me the knowledge to give this to a business that has incredible potential to create value and scale in a way that may one day see the same outcome. ENI has this potential, and I am looking forward to supporting everyone in the business to make this a reality

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