Alex GradyRecruitment Consultant

About Alex

Having just joined ENI, I’m eager to begin learning about the industry and to start connecting professionals with market leaders in the Insight sector, building new relationships with different people is something I’ve always enjoyed as well so I’m excited to continue doing that as I learn and grow within the industry.

In my spare time you’ll find me out with friends when it’s allowed or doing a bit of DIY work at home, typically fixing whatever I broke the last time I tried to fix it!

Get to know Alex a little better

What is your role at ENI?
I’ve joined ENI as a Recruitment Consultant, recruiting across levels within insight.

Which of the values at ENI do you resonate mostly with?
I think I resonate most with the collaborative values of the business. Seeing everyone work together and helping each other is something I’ve always sought in my work and the attitude to remaining progressive in the industry and learning about new innovations in the sector is great to see and continue learning about.

Best piece of advice you have received?
The best advice I’ve received is that you’ll get out of things whatever you’re willing to put into them so if you continue to work hard, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of that which applies to recruitment!

Interest in Diversity & Inclusion:
I was fortunate enough to go to a school that really valued diversity and inclusion, being able to grow up around people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures allowed me to learn to appreciate the differences amongst people and how you can always learn something new from someone with a different background to you.

Interesting fact about you?
I managed to buy my own car using money I made on the stock market over the pandemic.

So how did you end up in the role you have now?!
Before I started university, I wasn’t sure what my plans were, when searching I found an apprenticeship in recruitment and found that I really loved the industry, every day offers something different than the one before and it’s a great social role that allows you to branch out and meet new people every day.