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ENI is immersed in recruiting for the global Insight Industry. We know how important it is to keep our talent knowledge current in this dynamic market, attending a wide range of industry bodies and events and working with a number of industry bodies. Whether it’s vacancies, careers, salaries, or skills, ENI is there to help with advice and solutions.



- 18 hours ago

New #job: Insight Manager Qualitative | Design Thinking Location: Singapore Salary: 60kpa - 120kpa .. #MRX #MRXjobs
h J R

- 18 hours ago

New #job: Associate Director | Behavioural Economics Consultancy Location: London Salary: 40kpa - 55kpa ..…
h J R

- 19 hours ago

New #job: Research Director | Insight and Strategy Research Consultancy Location: London Salary: £55kpa - £65kpa ..…
h J R

- 3 days ago

New #job: Partner Success Manager | European Tech Markets Location: London Salary: 33kpa - 35kpa .. #MRX #MRXjobs
h J R

- 4 days ago

New #job: Head of quant research | Boutique insight agency Location: London Salary: 70kpa - 90kpa .. #MRX #MRXjobs
h J R

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