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Slides from our Breakfast Meeting

The three speakers were Samantha Bond from NorthstarCaroline Bates from Chime Insight and Engagement, and James Tarbit from HSBC.

The first to speak was Samantha Bond from Northstar who has researched millennial entrepreneurs. Increasingly, millennials are choosing to start their own businesses and thus changing the landscape of companies the world over.  Samantha has conducted a study to discover what was driving them.

Caroline Bates from Chime Insight and Engagement gave an overview of the findings of ‘Researching a career’ – A study Chime and ENI carried out in conjunction with the MRS and ESOMAR, on retaining and engaging employees in market research. The study yielded interesting results concerning people’s perceptions of the industry.

James Tarbit from HSBC then spoke about employee engagement, and the research they do to monitor this.  James’s job is to help people understand employees better. This enables better decisions, informs future policy and action, and assesses business activity and strategy.

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ENI Talent & Attraction Survey

ENI along with Chime conducted a year long study into attraction and retention within the Market Research, Data and Insight industries – ‘Researching a Career‘.

Working with associations representing the Research and Data industries including ESOMAR, AURA and the MRS we conducted qualitative and quantitative research amongst their membership, both internationally and in the UK.

Contact Liz for more details. Below are a few of the key findings.


A career in our industry involves lots of this – but you don’t realise that until after you’ve joined it!


The complex nature & the huge variety of role name we use doesn’t make things easy.


How the industry is seen and valued in the wider business world.


People love having the freedom to explore new things but the industry can seem to spend lots of time “hand wringing” about the impacts.

Entering the profession:

64% of recent joiners (joined industry in the last three years) told us that they had “fallen into” our profession – yet we also heard of similar experiences from those who have over 20 years experience. They stated they were shocked and saddened that nothing had changed.


People within the industry can highlight key features of a career in research…

It is clear that having a curious mind which seeks simulation, whether that be via working with data, numbers or communicating with people, is a pre-requisite for working in the world of research & insight.

“Seeing my recommendation take effect in the marketplace”

“You get to make a difference – at 24 years old, who else gets to do that”


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